2019 Sign-up Sheet 


The sangha (group of practitioners) is one of the Three Jewels in which we take refuge: the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha. By sharing our experiences on the spiritual path with like-minded practitioners, we strengthen our own practice as well as sustaining and enriching the sangha.

If you have attended the appropriate training and would like to volunteer to offer a Dharma Talk, serve as Doan or teach a Newcomers Training, then please consult the sign-up sheet below. Select the date and duty you would like to perform and then use the Contact form on this website to have your selection(s) added to this calendar. Many thanks.


Feb 17 - Allison (Doan), Tom E. (Dharma Talk)

Feb 24 - Allison (Doan), Mary (Dharma Talk), Kamal (Newcomer’s Training)

March 3 - Center City - Allison (Doan); Retreat - Delene (Doan), Ruth (Dharma Talk)

March 10 - TBD (Doan), Jim (Dharma Talk), Ruth (Newcomer’s Training)

March 17 - TBD (Doan), Jim (Dharma Talk)

March 24 - TBD (Doan), TBD (Dharma Talk), TBD (Newcomer’s Training)

March 31 - TBD (Doan), Mary (Dharma Talk)

April 7 - TBD

April 14 - TBD

April 21 - TBD

April 28 - TBD

May 5 - TBD

Mary 12 - TBD

Mary 26 - TBD

June 2 - Center City; Retreat

June 9 - TBD

June 16 - TBD