Athens Zen Group

2019 Meditation Retreat Schedule 
March 3, June 2, October 6, and December 1, 2019
8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Tentative Schedule for Retreat: The tentative schedule is designed to help deepen your practice through 7 hours of continuous meditation.  If you need to arrive late or leave early, please do so only during the periods of walking meditation or during lunch.  

8:30-8:35 Heart Sutra chant

8:35-8:55 zazen - sitting meditation

8:55-9:00 kinhin - walking meditation

9:00-9:25 zazen 

9:25-9:30 kinhin 

9:30-9:55 zazen 

9:55-10:00 Four Vows chant

10:00-11:00 Dharma Talk & Discussion

11:15-11:30 open time to prepare lunch (talking allowed)

11:30-12:15 Lunch (talking allowed)

12:15-12:30 cleanup, and break (talking allowed)

12:30-12:55 zazen

12:55-2:00 outdoor silent walking meditation*

2:00-2:25 zazen

2:25-2:40 yoga

2:40-3:05 zazen

3:05-3:10 Heart Sutra chant

3:10-3:30 Clean Up

*Clothing:  Zazen will be inside, so wear your usual comfortable meditation clothes.  The silent walking meditation from 12:55-2:00pm will be done outside on a short trail through the woods.  Please bring good shoes and a raincoat in case of rain.  Anyone not interested in taking the longer silent hike can walk a short, flat loop through a field or remain in meditation inside.

Location:Kenney Ridge Community Center

Suggested donation:  $10  

·      As with our regular Sunday meditation, the donation is voluntary, not a requirement to attend!  

·      Checks can be made to Delene Porter; donations will be used to cover the cost of space rental. Anything left over will be set aside to support future Zen Group activities.   


Potluck Lunch:We ask participants to bring a dish to share for a potluck lunch.

**** There is a full kitchen (fridge, microwave, stove and oven) available****


Meditation at Center City Ballet:For meditators unable or uninterested in attending the off-site retreat, meditation willstillbe offered at Center City Ballet from 8:30am-10am.    

Cushions:We encourage those with zafus and zabutons to bring them to the retreat.  Please let us know your plans when you RSVP so that we can bring cushions from Center City Ballet for those needing them.

Athens Zen Planning Committee
Allison, Andrew, Delene, Jim, Kamal, Kyle, Mary, Matthew, Robin, Ruth, Suzi, and Tom R.

·       The Planning Group is composed of volunteers and any sangha member who would like to join the Planning Group is welcome.  

·       The Planning Group’s historic purpose has been “to facilitate opportunities to deepen individual practice for Athens Zen Group participants.”  

·       The Planning Group also explores various aspects of ensuring that the Athens Zen Group is sustainable by answering “How can we better share/distribute responsibilities of the Athens Zen Group?”